Second insolihull Magazine

by Jeremy 18. December 2014 10:22

The Christmas edition is even bigger and better featuring an interview with Ben Hanlin. The concept and design by JM Bailey targets visitors and residents of Solihull. Its light, airy and accessible feel showcases everything the town has to offer. It is distributed to passengers on the Chiltern Line, through businesses within the town as well as selected hotels and high end car dealerships across the Borough. 

The objective of the magazine is to promote the businesses, across all sectors within the town so that Solihull is the place of choice for local residents and visitors from outside the Borough to work, rest and play! JM Bailey were first appointed in 2013 to create and establish branding for Solihull Festivals and Events programme, and has successfully promoted The Big Taste, Lolihull (Comedy Festival), Dance Live, Fashion Works, The Jazz Festival and  Christmas Campaigns. You can read the second insolihull magazine here.


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