JM Bailey and Maxxis @ Autosport

by mike 19. January 2012 09:46
It’s all happening at Autosport. The Racing Car Show. NEC Birmingham January 12-15 2012 For the second consecutive year, JM Bailey have been heavily involved in producing materials for the famed Autosport show. Maxxis take a huge stand and this year the agency has been tasked with pr... Read More

Creative For Sale

by mike 4. August 2011 11:13
Stop, Wait, Walk, Don’t Walk, Danger, No Entry. These are just a few of the messages we are confronted with daily. When I see a 'Wet Paint' sign, I know I shouldn't, but I just have to touch it. So when the boffins in the studio (us) were tasked with coming up with an idea for a new local business push, it was clear that we needed to attract and keep the attention of passers by. Read More

A day in your life.psd

by mike 27. February 2009 16:32
You sit down with a nice cup of hot coffee, place it on your desk and for some reason forget its there. Suddenly, keyboard, job bags, trousers and your mobile phone are covered in the brown stuff. Embarassed we would then have the arduous task of cleaning up. Or would we?   Imagi... Read More


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